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What Can I Do Right Now For Trans Children?


The past week has been one that few of us will ever forget. My most immediate thoughts after the election had me agonizing as to whether my work for trans rights over the last two decades would just go up in smoke. Not just my work, either. The progress and legal protections we have today have been the result of courage and persistence shown by so many who were there well before my time. Is all that going to disappear? Continue reading

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How Gender Odyssey Is Helping Families Like Yours


PFLAG National Board Member Catherine Hyde has penned a powerful piece for Huffington Post that will resonate with all parents raising a transgender or gender-nonconforming child. Continue reading

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Debi Jackson’s Request


Gender Diversity’s vision, I believe, will have a profound impact on our lives and our communities. None of us will need to live in such deep isolation. Continue reading

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He Thought He Was Being a Good Father but Later Realized He Was Wrong

sad man 2

Over the years, I tried to raise him to become a good man, doing all the things a dad is expected to do. But I failed to accept him in one area–when he said he was a she. Continue reading


Presenters and Facilitators – We Want You!!


Are you a GO veteran wanting to up your level of involvement this year? Or are you a newcomer who likes to dive in head first? Perhaps you like to take part in meaty and lively discussions, providing guidance so that all present have the chance to be heard? If this in any way describes you, we’ve got an opportunity you don’t want to miss! Continue reading

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Wanted: Generous Hearts


With a few clicks and a generous heart, you can help make the world a better place for kids today. Sound good? Here’s how it works. Continue reading

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Building Resiliency


I know that I have re-hashed this story many times, but I really honestly think that, if it wasn’t for Owen, I would not have changed as much as into the person that I needed to be. Continue reading

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A Father’s Journey: Brandon’s Story, Part Two

Kozzi-multi-colored-toy-spinning-wheel-883 X 588

Tweet Contributed by Brandon, who previously shared about the events that prompted the decision to move with his wife and family from Utah to Seattle for the sake of their gender-nonconforming child. I am the father of a transgender boy. … Continue reading


My Amazing Experience Volunteering at Gender Odyssey

Improv Group #1

In just one hour, we answered a lot of questions, and by the end, parents seemed calmer and were ready to continue their journey. I was amazed at how I felt. I had given back by simply answering questions. Continue reading

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The Teen Panel: Engendering Compassion Through Authenticity


As each participant told their story, I was deeply moved by the courage and vulnerability panelists showed as they shared the initial anxiety about their gender identity, pain of parent rejection, fear that no one would love them, and struggle for peer acceptance. Teens also shared the joy of affirming and living their gender, the relief of finding family acceptance and support, the thrill of first love, and the delight of finding peers who understood them. Continue reading

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