About Our Family Conference

Join us for the 11th annual Gender Odyssey Family conference in 2017!

We’re excited to bring families together for a weekend of sharing, education, and fun. We hope the conference will provide you with a sense of connection and give you food for thought to last the whole year through.

As understanding of gender identity grows, an increasing number of families and communities are positively supporting gender-diverse and transgender children. These amazing children need this support and understanding to safely navigate the day-to-day realities of our society.

At the Gender Odyssey Family conference, one of our goals is to bring people together who have some shared experiences with raising gender diverse and transgender children, and decrease the sense of isolation that is often felt. The conference also provides opportunities for our kids to connect with each other so they truly understand that they are not alone.

Teen Programming: We’ve developed a full track of programming for teens that includes workshops, presenters, activities and events. We have a fantastic group of coordinators who are committed to ensuring that teens make connections, have access to information and a dedicated place in which to be heard and seen for whom they really are.

Expert Presenters: Gender Odyssey Family provides attendees with access to the topmost national experts in the fields of childhood and adolescent gender variance and the most current information and resources possible.

Access to Adult Sessions: The family conference runs concurrently with the annual Gender Odyssey conference. Family conference registration includes access to this conference for those who wish to learn more. One parent had this to say:

My son is 15 and I was so concerned for his future. Being able to attend some of the adult conference sessions has been such a relief to me! Now I see that my son can have a career, friends, and even a family of his own some day. Being transgender is not as much of a barrier as I had thought. He has many opportunities ahead of him that I couldn’t see because of my own fears.

Kids Day Camp: Kids can enjoy three full days of all kinds of fun games and activities while parents attend workshops with peace of mind.

We want to help make sure that everyone who wants to be here, can be.

Early Registration Pricing: We offer the lowest pricing possible for your conference registration if you register early. Your early registration dollars are critical to this event as they help us cover important conference expenses such as website work, email marketing, web hosting, database development, etc. This work, including its resulting expenses, are critical to ensuring our ability to spread the word as much as possible and make conference production as streamlined as possible. If you are able, please register early – it makes a difference.

Accessibility and Scholarships: There are a number of ways we work to enable accessibility, from ensuring that the conference venues are wheelchair accessible to coming up with creative ways to keep costs down. Learn more about available Scholarships »

Help Others Attend This Powerful Conference! For those who are able, we encourage you to donate to the scholarship fund. Your generosity has a immediate, direct impact as 100% of donated funds go to assist another family or teen.

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