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On Being Misquoted In MSNBC’s
“More Transgender Kids Seeking Help, Getting Treatment”

Aidan Key

A few days ago, I conversed with a very nice reporter who was doing a story for MSNBC. She wanted to have an individual’s personal story to add to the recent reports in the journal Pediatrics, which reference the positive outcomes in appropriately treating transgender children. Okay, I said, sure. Continue reading

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A Call for Action: Stop Doing Harm to Children

Gender Born, Gender Made

The twenty-first century has brought with it a challenge to the male-female binary and a sea change in our understanding of gender, which in turn has opened up the doors for more children to announce at earlier ages that they are not the gender everyone thinks they are or that they certainly are not going to stay locked in rigid gender boxes. But the world still has a lot of catching up to do if these children are going to have healthy and happy lives. Continue reading

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